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Sunday 24th April 2016

I have been reading blogs about early retirement pretty intensely this week and I must say I felt like I had the basic gist: Aim to save lots by spending less. Wonderful. Simple as. Until you actually leave the house and apply it to your real life. We went to the shops with the good intentions of JUST getting some cheap running clothes for my husband (we have recently moved countries and he didn’t bring much with him) and some fresh fruits and veges (we like to eat healthily). However, we ended up spending a massive 163 240 won (roughly 141 US$)!!! And the horror is that with each purchase I genuinely did not feel like I was splurging… This is a problem.

  1. Walked to the shop. Cost: 0 won + awesome hubby time. Wonderful – felt like a hero.
  2. Two coffees. Cost: 7 000 won. We “needed” to replenish after the walk…
  3. A sun hat. Cost: 9 990 won. Good health investment but an impulse buy.
  4. Eye makeup remover. Cost: 6 500 won. Necessary – didn’t bring any with me in our move.
  5. Multivitamins. Cost: 25 500 won. Good health investment but pricey!
  6. Groceries. Cost: 19 920 won. Fine. We have to eat.
  7. 60th birthday card for my father-in-law. Cost: 2 500 won. Wonderful 🙂
  8. Wedding card. Cost: 2 000 won. Wonderful 🙂
  9. String, pegs & postcards to hang in our apartment. Cost:  5 000 won. Cheap home decoration 🙂
  10. Glass water bottle. Cost: 11 000 won. Good health investment but pricey.
  11. Sunflower sneakers. Cost: 29 000 won. An indulgence but SO cute AND were originally 69 000 won so I got a deal…
  12. IMG_0827

    I mean, look how cute!

    Lunch out. Cost: 17 000 won. Delicious but I will admit we could have eaten for cheaper.

  13. Fresh groceries. Cost: 25 130 won. Fine also.
  14. Taxi home. Cost: 3 200 won. An indulgence but couldn’t carry all the groceries home.

On surveying the list I’m not sure how much I could have wanted to cut down… You see, dear Reader, the problem is this: I want to enjoy my life. I don’t want this early retirement thing to feel like a diet i.e. constant self-denial. So how the hell am I going to achieve that?!?