The Experts

As you know, dear Reader, this is all a MASSIVE learning curve for me and so I thought it important to acknowledge the wise gurus who are (unwittingly!) guiding me through it all. Also, they will definitely be helpful if you, dear Reader, are interested in trying your own Brat Experiment.

Early Retirement Extreme

Elizabeth Kerr (New Zealand)

Get Rich Slowly

Mr. Money Mustache

Our Next Life


The Frugalwoods

The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield (South African radio show)

Warren Ingram (South African on The Money Show above)

Resources 🙂

Then, dear Reader, I thought that it might be helpful (for your information and my sanity!) to list the different resources I am slowly gathering in some kind of organised, easy to assess and access manner:

South Africa

There is really a gap in information here 😦 BUT I have finally found ONE blog:

Safe Investing South Africa – She seems to have not written for a while (September 2015) but there are some great posts. The most helpful ones I found were:

And I have found ONE savings forum/website (?) called The Savings Issue that fits in with Early Retirement ideas. It is full of practical South African based advice and is user-friendly. The most helpful articles I found so far are:

Unfortunately, it does seem that South Africans do struggle to save though…


I stumbled apon The Firestarter and he very helpfully lists other bloggers from the UK who write about Early Retirement/Financial Independence (although I did find some of the links went to addresses that have expired).