Week 42 (our last week) & Month 10 (our last month) in Korea!

To new readers of The Brat Experiment: Husband and I track every single Korean won that we spend (we’re currently living in South Korea) on a fantastic app called Money Lover. The app is synched to both of our phones and means that it’s very easy to see where all of our money goes (which is not always pleasant!). I then report on our weekly spending here and write up a summary of our spending for each month. You can check out other weekly spends and the monthly summaries in The Numbers section.

Total Explained…
Week 42 957 721 won  
Groceries 36 740 won Not much because we were eating out and having food bought for us a lot with it being our last week in Korea.
Eat Out 130 450 won And then we returned the favour…
Clothes 0 won
Alcohol 0 won
Once-Off 364 001 won 293 101 won on posting 5 boxes to New Zealand. The rest on polaroid film, batteries and earnings (Husband’s).
Bills & Fees 235 910 won The usual except we didn’t have to pay the building management fee and actually even got 44 000 won back from them! J Also it was basically double our normal cell phone fees to close out contracts… still not sure why!
Transport 12 900 won 4 taxis…
Gifts 55 220 won For people in Korea but mainly for people in South Africa…
Medical 25 600 won The dentist for Husband and I
Local Travel 62 900 won Heading to Seoul our last weekend in Korea… so low because we stayed with our wonderful friends in Seoul
Overseas Travel 34 000 won This was the taxi and bus to the airport from our friends’ house
Christmas 0 won

Week 42 total: 957 751 won

Necessary: 874 921 won (91%)

Indulgence: 82 800 won (9%)

So we spent a LOT more than usual… Let’s see how it all fitted into our plan for the month:

Week 42

So basically, we overspent by a significant amount. Thank goodness that we got another salary out of Korea PLUS our flights home PLUS a bonus – so all is not lost yet, dear Reader 🙂




I’m back! :)

Hello, dear Reader! I know. I haven’t posted for aaaaaaaaaaaages. Over 3 months to be exact. I’m really sorry. Especially since I had just started to get a regular readership and then I went and effectively abandoned you with my silence. Not ideal. And no way at all to treat a dear Reader like you.

As you recall, dear Reader, we were in South Africa for a 6 week road trip visiting family and friends.

We then flew to Auckland, New Zealand, spent 4 nights sleeping in a caravan (to save money of course!) and then drove to our new home town.

We had two weeks to settle in (find a house to rent, learn our way around etc) and then I started work. I have now been working for 3 full weeks. So there has been a LOT going on for us in my months of silence, which I fully plan to catch you up on dear Reader.

BUT in the meantime we have learnt some noteworthy lessons:

  • Just like Thailand, it was clear that we struggle to keep track of our expenses when we are on holiday. Maybe we must just make peace with that going forward and rather just track the big picture (what we take with us and how much we bring back)… Though my ideal would be to feel like we on holiday AND track our expenses….
  • Despite the best of intentions, I’m not very good at blogging when I’m on holiday. Even if the holiday is 6 weeks long.
  • I’m also not very good at blogging when I move to another country. Or start a new job.
  • But we are better at tracking our expenses when we move to another country so yay for that small(?) win 🙂

IMG_4573Well it’s Sunday night here and The Hobbit is being shown on TV so I am going to end this post here. Neither Husband nor I can believe that all the INCREDIBLE scenery in The Hobbit is actually the beautiful country that we now get to call home ❤ ‘Till we chat again, dear Reader! Next up, looking at our finances (how much we spent and how much we saved) for our entire year in Korea.



The Numbers: A Summary of Month 9

And here we are, dear Reader, NINE MONTHS into Our Brat Experiment. An entire whole baby if we had been pregnant (which gives me new found respect for pregnancy – shows in concrete terms for an outsider how long it really is!!) It was also our second to last month in Korea and so we are now into the final push of saving as much as we possibly can while still having the amazing benefits Korea gives us (namely: very cheap health care, no tax and living rent free). Continue reading

Week 38

Hello, dear Reader! It has been SO long since I wrote! The main reason for this is that we have just spent 10 glorious days in Thailand ❤ (But more on this in a future post in my brat travel section). I had fully intended to this Week 38 post and the end of the month post before we left, as well as give you a heads up that things would be quiet on here for a while… but then a wonderful and terrifying thing occurred: I got a job interview 😀 Continue reading

Week 37


Coffee at the beach

Hello, dear Reader! I so hope that you are happy and had a great weekend 🙂 We had such an awesome weekend with wonderful friends staying with us Friday night and Saturday day and then being lazy blobs (complete with a Sunday afternoon nap!) on Sunday – the perfect weekend balance 🙂 We now find ourselves back at work (with NO students), doing nothing but keeping our desks warm for 3 days and then we’re on holiday – yay! 🙂 We’re having friends to stay this weekend and then we fly to Thailand on Monday – happy, happy days ahead 🙂 So let’s take a look at how our spending went last week…


Also, as a side note, it has been kak cold this week!! 

Continue reading

Week 36

Last week was very chilled. Mainly because we are both doing so VERY LITTLE at work. But I have actually really been enjoying it – it has been wonderful to have so much time to myself to catch up on admin, organize things for Thailand, get our heads around what we need to do before leaving Korea and watch Korean series 🙂 And in the spirit of having so much time on my hands, I’ve played with how I report our weekly numbers… feel free to send feedback, dear Reader, about which format you prefer!

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The Numbers: A Summary of Month 5

Month 5. It has been a REALLY busy month. Week 18 a friend came to stay with us for the weekend and we paid for most things (reflected in the eating out number for Week 18!), Week 19 saw us travel to Seoul to see family friends and do touristy things and Week 20 was Chuseok. It was a tight month (and my jacket didn’t help!) but I’m very pleasantly surprised it wasn’t tighter given how much we did. (Also, I’m trying out a new thing where I bold the week we spent the most money in each category, just to see if it highlights any more patterns in our spending):    Continue reading

Week 21

This was a short week because the month ended, or rather we were paid, on Friday. However, I’m still expecting it to be an expensive week because experience has taught me that the bills really knock us at the end of each month. We really tried to live super cheaply though (still compensating for the jacket!) and to be honest, it really wasn’t that hard 🙂   Continue reading

Week 20

I feel like we didn’t do too well this week. Mainly because of my jacket. But also because it was Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) and so we had five glorious days off work. Which meant of course that we went on a little holiday 🙂 But we did make friends with the most lovely tourist information lady who hooked us up with SUPER cheap accommodation, which really helped our budget a lot. Also, before I start reporting can we just celebrate that this is our TWENTIETH WEEK of Our Brat Experiment, dear Reader?!?!

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