Week 36

Last week was very chilled. Mainly because we are both doing so VERY LITTLE at work. But I have actually really been enjoying it – it has been wonderful to have so much time to myself to catch up on admin, organize things for Thailand, get our heads around what we need to do before leaving Korea and watch Korean series 🙂 And in the spirit of having so much time on my hands, I’ve played with how I report our weekly numbers… feel free to send feedback, dear Reader, about which format you prefer!

To new readers of The Brat Experiment: Husband and I track every single Korean won that we spend (we’re currently living in South Korea) on a fantastic app called Money Lover. The app is synched to both of our phones and means that it’s very easy to see where all of our money goes (which is not always pleasant!). I then report on our weekly spending here and write up a summary of our spending for each month. You can check out other weekly spends and the monthly summaries in The Numbers section.

Total Explained
Week 36 391 530
Groceries 45 730 Nothing unusual.
Eat Out 66 300 Husband did the Korean cultural thing and paid for everyone’s coffee when he went out with his co-teachers. Plus we ate out twice.
Clothes 0
Alcohol 15 000 We went drinking at a bar with friends.
Once-Off 17 000 I bought a 2017 diary and got a haircut.
Bills & Fees 0
Transport 0
Gifts 0
Medical 0
Local Travel 247 500 We went skiing 😀 Caught a free shuttle to the resort and unexpectedly got a massive discount on everything because of the bank I am with – win! 🙂 There was a lost in translation moment though where we asked to just do morning skiing (thinking we would do the morning and evening skiing timeslots) but ended up getting the whole day instead… haha! Such are the joys of travelling! 🙂
Overseas Travel 0
Christmas 0

Week’s total: 391 530 won (144 030 won without the travel i.e. skiing)

Necessary: 343 530 won (88%)

Indulgence: 48 000 won (12%)

The social aspect/social etiquette/social expectations related to money are very interesting and pose quite a challenge in deciding if something is a necessary or indulgent expense. This is particularly because people, and spending quality time with people, are such a big value for us. However, I am also very aware that I easily spend money because I like to please others (feel socially obligated?) rather than because I think that it’s worth spending my money on… Once we are in New Zealand I definitely want to spend a month tracking how much of our spending is socially related and whether it feels like an obligation or because we really want to.

The skiing was awesome! And anyone in Korea, definitely ask a local if there are any discounts, free shuttles etc. It turned out that the website of the resort we went to had FAR MORE information in its Korean version than in its English version so don’t assume that you’re getting all the information i.e. free shuttles 🙂 Also a heads up for the costs to expect:

  • Ski passes
  • Renting the gear (snowboard or skis)
  • Renting clothing to ski in (It didn’t even occur to us to factor this in as a cost – but it didn’t throw out our budget thank goodness because of the massive discount that we got on the ski passes and gear rental.)
  • Food and coffee (We packed fruit and snacks to try and save money but we underestimated how hungry we would be. We also didn’t give enough credit to the fact that we would be cold and sore – we are beginners and so fall a lot! – and so would be very happy to spend money on hot food and TLC items like chocolate and beer.)


Let’s look at how this all fits into our plan for this month:


Well, I am VERY happy with that 🙂 Skiing was wonderful AND came in under budget. And our weekly living expenses were actually very low too. Seems like we winning at life 😉 We have friends coming to stay this weekend so will probably see a bump in spending but that’s ok. They are good, wonderful, like-family kind of friends so definitely worth EVERY penny extra that we will spend 🙂



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