Week 31

We spent a kak load of money last week. Firstly, it was the beginning of the month and so the week had two weekends. But we also did a lot of planned (intentional) shopping, so as I type this I’m just desperately hoping that while it feels like we spent a lot, that it actually won’t be so bad once I look at it properly. Hold thumbs!


To give you a giggle as you start your read 🙂 The cold is real, dear Reader!

To new readers of The Brat Experiment: Husband and I track every single won that we spend on a fantastic app called Money Lover. The app is synched to both of our phones and means that it’s very easy to see where all of our money goes (which is not always pleasant!). I then report on our weekly spending here and write up a summary of our spending for each month. You can check out other weekly spends and the monthly summaries in The Numbers section.




Week’s total: 1 241 500 won

Necessary: 1 121 200 won (90%)

Indulgence: 120 300 won (10%)

Holy crap. With the exception of overseas trips, that is more than we have EVER spent in one week ever. Ever. Feeling a little hysterical and panicky… But before I collapse into a ball under my desk let’s compare what we have spent with our plan for this month (our ratio of necessary vs indulgence gives me hope that it’s not as bad as it initially looks!):


So we actually spent 868 800 won of our living off budget. Still a crap load. But better. It means that we have just under 1 million to survive on for the remaining 3 weeks of this month… which is possible if we don’t travel anywhere. So this is where we are for sitting for the rest of this month:

  • Live off 931 200 won
  • Christmas budget of 85 510 won
  • Two ski trips for 400 000 won – but we may delay this
  • Save 51%

I think that we can manage it. I’m hoping that we won’t have to buy groceries for a while and so that the next two weeks will be quite low spends. The last week of the month will involve more spending though because that’s when the bills come off but also we will be stocking up on food for Christmas 😀 At this stage we are looking at not going skiing this month… This is mainly because there is a free shuttle from our town to the ski resort but it doesn’t start until January it looks like… So our current thinking is to not going skiing this month, only go skiing once in January (not twice like we originally planned) and spend some of that money on Christmas presents for ourselves instead. Because, you know, good Christmas presents rock 🙂


Cheapest and most awesome couple shoes ever! 🙂 Couples wearing matching things (shoes, shirts, underwear, entire outfits etc) is a very big thing here in Korea – so we’re just learning from the culture 🙂


Awesome new travel backpack (it folds out into a normal sized day backpack)


Well deserved coffees in the middle of our shopping marathon

What was very interesting was that while I was writing up this post, I found myself wondering if it’s really necessary for us to track our money like this. I started thinking that maybe we should just save first and then survive on what’s left without looking too closely at what we spending our money on. But I quickly realized that that was just me not enjoying having to look so closely at all the money we spent last week. And Husband agrees. Sigh. Also, I’m sure that if we stopped looking so closely at our spending we would inevitably start spending more. And I know that knowing where we spend our money is important for planning our retirement and exactly how much money we will need. Sigh. Sometimes being a grown-up is not awesome.



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