Small Steps Make a Big Difference

When we first decided to come to Korea we worked out that we could save in one year in Korea more than we could earn in total in one year in South Africa:


At the time we knew nothing about Early Retirement or the realistic possibility of Financial Independence but we did know that we wanted to save for a house deposit. And the magic number of what we thought we could save in Korea was an absolute dream. And I mean dream:


Soon after starting Our Brat Experiment we quickly realized that we weren’t only going to reach our dream saved amount, but that we were actually going to increase it by more than 30%!! We couldn’t believe it! It was now a dream-dream:


However, we were only JUST going to get there scraping together savings from both our salaries every month and our entire bonuses at the end of our contracts. But still, amazeballs. We couldn’t believe the difference that a little extra saving could make.

But it wasn’t over yet… We have recently realized that we are now actually going to reach our dream-dream saved number WITHOUT our bonuses.


I know, dear Reader. I can’t quite believe it myself. And, entirely honestly, I don’t know exactly how we got here. It really didn’t feel like we were pushing ourselves that much. We just kept always trying to do better. And it’s not even like that saved amount of money includes interest earned or anything. It is literally the amount of money that we have taken out of our salaries and refused to spend. Just incredible.

And so this has been one of my biggest lessons in the last 6 months: the process of continually paying attention while simultaneously trying to improve results in amazing gains that at the time feel small but quickly accumulate. I feel like that’s a life lesson that could be applied to anything. I just had no idea that it could be applied to money too.



10 thoughts on “Small Steps Make a Big Difference

      • If you have reached your finaical goal, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to put your bonuses toward an experience you have been putting off and would really enjoy. I think when we work hard, we need to replenish our spirit a little bit and these experiences help sustain us and motivate us to met our next goal. Enjoy!


      • Wow! I hadn’t thought of it like that at all! I just kept thinking in terms of intentional spending on things we value (and debating if the value was worth the money!)… but thinking of it as an experience to replenish us makes it an absolute no brainer. Thanks so much! 🙂

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