Week 22

This was a long week because of the month end, which meant that we had two weekends in it. And we went away both weekends (to Seoul the first weekend and Gwangju the second weekend) so my guess is that we spent quite a bit….

To new readers of The Brat Experiment: Husband and I track every single won that we spend on a fantastic app called Money Lover. The app is synched to both of our phones and means that it’s very easy to see where all of our money goes (which is not always pleasant!). I then report on our weekly spending here and write up a summary of our spending for each month. You can check out other weekly spends and the monthly summaries in The Numbers section.


37 090 won

26 840 won Groceries Necessary
10 250 won Groceries Necessary
Eat Out

28 800 won

8 000 won Gimbap restaurant for dinner Necessary. And would have to work hard to eat for cheaper at home.
10 800 won My school juices Indulgence
10 000 won School outing lunch Necessary
Clothes n/a    

101 700 won

101 700 won Beer brewing supplies Necessary and in line with our values
Once-off n/a    
Bills & Fees

8 910 won

8 910 won Gas bill Necessary (and soon to be MUCH more expensive with winter fast approaching)

15 800 won

3 300 won Taxi home from grocery shopping Necessary
6 000 won Taxi to bus terminal Necessary to book our bus tickets for Friday
3 300 won Taxi to Home Plus Necessary to do shopping (unknown to us Home Plus was closed!) and it was raining
3 200 won Taxi home from Home Plus Necessary. It was raining…
Gifts n/a    
Medical n/a    
Travel n/a    

Week’s spend: 192 300 won

I’m pretty chuffed with that for a weekly spend. Especially given that we actually lived off about 90 000 won because 101 700 won went to beer brewing 🙂

Now for the travelling… The first weekend we travelled to Seoul on the Saturday (in part to save costs on accommodation for the Friday night) for our friend’s son’s 1st birthday (a BIG deal here in Korea!). It was brilliant to be a part of a Korean 1st birthday firsthand – my favourite was the tradition of laying different things on a table and watching the birthday boy choose items as a predictor of his future career. Money wise we saved because we slept over and ate at our friend’s house (and so didn’t need to pay for accommodation or food). Not to ever be too frugal though (it seems!) we balanced this out with craft beer: we checked out Devil’s Door Brewery on the Saturday afternoon before the party and the Seoul Beer Festival at Common Ground after the party on the Sunday. It was a fantastic weekend with the perfect balance of exploration, catching up with the most wonderful friends, couple time and relaxation 🙂



120 800 won

4 400 won Taxi to the bus station Necessary
43 000 won Bus to Seoul Necessary
20 000 won T-money recharge Necessary
6 000 won Taxi to our friend’s house Necessary
43 000 won Bus home Necessary
4 400 won Taxi home Necessary
Accommodation n/a    


75 300 won

4 000 won Gimbap lunch on the bus Necessary and cheap
4 500 won Drinks on the bus Necessary
35 000 won Drinks and pizza at Devil’s door Necessary and AMAZING. Seriously. Possibly the best pizza ever. Not to mention we wanna build a house similar to their building 🙂
7 200 won Coffee and biscuits for breakfast Indulgence
17 000 won Burgers for dinner before getting on the bus Indulgence. We could have eaten for cheaper.
7 600 won Coffee Indulgence

53 000 won

20 000 won Beer for the party Necessary
33 000 won Beer Festival Necessary and awesome
Tourist Activities n/a    
Shopping n/a    
Gifts n/a    

Seoul: 249 100 won


Devil’s Door – how beautiful is it?!?!


Truly AMAZING pizza at Devil’s Door (and the beer wasn’t too bad either!) 


Seoul Beer Festival at Common Ground (how cool are the containers?! Especially given that they house some fantastic, quirky shops…)

The second weekend was a long weekend (Monday was a public holiday) and so we made the 6 hour bus ride to Gwangju to visit friends who live there. It was great to explore a new Korean city but by far the highlight was catching up with our friends. We drank wine on the floor of their kitchen until 3am, slept until noon every day, walked along the river, played board games, drank great craft beer and played the brilliance that is screen golf (don’t knock it until you have tried it, dear Reader!). The highlight for me though was FINALLY going to a jimjilbang (a sauna and naked bathhouse) for the first time in five and a half years – something about the heat, water and (girl) chats just feeds my soul and makes everything right with the world again ❤



129 400 won

4 500 won Taxi to bus station Necessary
52 400 won Bus to Gwangju Necessary
8 000 won Taxi to our friend’s house Necessary
7 000 won Taxi to bus station Necessary
52 400 won Bus home Necessary
5 100 won Taxi home Necessary
Accommodation n/a    


120 200 won

12 000 won Bimimbap dinner before bus Necessary. We went straight from school to the bus station and grabbed a quick bite before we left.
5 000 won Snacks for the bus Necessary.
45 500 won Alleyway lunch Mostly indulgence… but they had board games,  good beer, good food and it was awesome
34 000 won Curry out Necessary
2 000 won Food at the bar Necessary. Or rather the bar said we couldn’t sit at a table unless we ordered food…
9 500 won Pizza out Indulgence
1 700 won Chocolate milks Necessary
4 500 won Bus drinks Necessary
6 000 won Food during bus trip Indulgence

73 300 won

14 900 won Beers for 3 at Rooftop Bar Necessary
16 500 won Beer out Necessary
12 000 won Beer out Indulgence
8 000 won Beer out Indulgence
5 650 won Drinks for screen golf Necessary
16 250 won Drinks for screen golf Indulgence
Tourist Activities

47 000 won

40 000 won Screen golf Necessary and such fun
7 000 won Jimjilbang (sauna and bathhouse) Necessary and SO good for the soul ❤
Shopping n/a    
Gifts n/a    

Gwangju: 369 900 won


Craft beer at Alleyway

Week’s total: 811 300 won

Necessary: 671 450 won (83%)

Indulgence: 139 850 won (17%)

So I was right. We did spend quite a lot. Eish. Neither weekend was too bad but put together it all really adds up. Our ratio is still great though. The problem is that because we only had 1 780 140 won to survive on for Month 6 this means that we only have 968 840 won for the rest of the month… and there are still 3 weekends to go! Oh dear….




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