Week 20

I feel like we didn’t do too well this week. Mainly because of my jacket. But also because it was Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) and so we had five glorious days off work. Which meant of course that we went on a little holiday 🙂 But we did make friends with the most lovely tourist information lady who hooked us up with SUPER cheap accommodation, which really helped our budget a lot. Also, before I start reporting can we just celebrate that this is our TWENTIETH WEEK of Our Brat Experiment, dear Reader?!?!

To new readers of The Brat Experiment: Husband and I track every single won that we spend on a fantastic app called Money Lover. The app is synched to both of our phones and means that it’s very easy to see where all of our money goes (which is not always pleasant!). I then report on our weekly spending here and write up a summary of our spending for each month. You can check out other weekly spends and the monthly summaries in The Numbers section.


58 470 won

23 530 won Groceries for a fancy dinner to celebrate Husband getting his New Zealand residency visa Totally necessary. The paperwork was a bitch, it cost us a fortune and we totally nailed it 😀 New adventures here we come 😀 😀
22 790 won Homemade pizza Indulgent. Homemade is more expensive than eating pizza out… but it tastes so much better.
6 000 won Muffins Indulgence to celebrate the holidays starting.
6 150 won Groceries Necessary
Eat Out

90 450 won

48 450 won My school lunches Indulgent. I could eat for cheaper if I brought my own.
27 500 won Burger Works Necessary. Met up with family friends.
14 500 won Gimbap order in Indulgent

179 000 won

179 000 won My winter jacket I have no idea… probably indulgent. I could have made a plan without it…

3 750 won

3 750 won CU beer (convenience store) Indulgent

9 000 won

9 000 won Haircut for me Necessary. And I went really short so hopefully I won’t have to cut it for a while.
Bills & Fees

940 won

440 won Fee for the bank smsing me when I withdraw money Necessary.
500 won ATM withdrawal fee Necessary. I am trying to withdraw less, and more when I do, because of this fee though.
Transport n/a
Gifts n/a
Medical n/a
Travel n/a

 Day to day total: 341 610 won

So basically, I was right and we did spend a lot this week 😦 Now for our trip to Samcheok…




47 500 won

4 700 won Taxi to the bus station Necessary
10 600 won Bus to Samcheok Necessary
3 600 won Bus to cave Necessary
3 600 won Bus back from the cave Necessary
10 000 won Money on my t-money card Necessary
10 600 won Bus home Necessary
4 400 won Taxi home Necessary

60 000 won

60 000 won Motel Necessary. And for two nights so super cheap 🙂


115 800 won

31 600 won Italian dinner out Indulgent but a lovely Western treat.
7 600 won Ice cream for pudding Indulgent but totally worth it 🙂
3 200 won Drinks and snacks Necessary
13 200 won Breakfast out Necessary
3 200 won Breakfast bagel Indulgent
31 000 won Dakgalbi Necessary
4 800 won Ice cream for pudding (brilliant holiday tradition) Indulgent
2 800 won Water and cool drinks Necessary
14 400 won Breakfast Indulgent. We could have done it for much cheaper…
4 000 won Chocolates Necessary. For the tourist information lady and for us too

2 350 won

2 350 won Soju and water Indulgent
Tourist Activities


35 000 won

9 000 won Hwanseon Cave (biggest limestone cave in Korea) Necessary
14 000 won Monorail to see the cave Indulgent but SO worth it. The alternative was a VERY steep climb in drizzle…
6 000 won Surobuin Park (awesome statue of a lady sitting on a dragon) Necessary
6 000 won Haesindang Park (a penis park made to placate the anger of a girl who had died a virgin) Necessary and a fantastic laugh

10 000 won

10 000 won Penis spoons from the penis park Indulgent
Gifts n/a


Seoul travel: 270 650 won


Considering that our trip was three full days and two nights I am really impressed with how much it cost us. The price of our accommodation really helped us, as did how cheap the bus was to get there and back. We were also really impressed with how well priced all the tourist attractions were: both parks with only 3000 won each and the cave was only 4500 won each. Bravo Korea!


The photos in the cave are all understandably dark but the “photo zone” outside the cave cracked us up


How awesome is this lady?!? Such a fantastic combination of femininity and strength 🙂


One of the statues in the penis park

I also think that it’s important to acknowledge that we could have VERY easily spent a lot more money over Chuseok – we saved significantly by not going away for the full 5 days and going to a place that was close to home. Brownie points for us 🙂 Which we need because….


Week’s total: 612 260 won

Necessary: 249 820 won (41%)

Indulgence: 362 440 won (59%)


That is our worst ratio of necessary vs indulgence EVER. Eish. Even if I make my jacket “necessary”, our ratio still isn’t awesome… But overall, I must admit that our week’s total is less than I thought that it would be. And with payday on Friday it looks like we are JUST going to make it to the end of the month (even with all the bills coming off this week!) 🙂





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