Confessions Of An Impulse Buy

On Thursday night I impulsively spent 179 000 won (about R2200 or US$160) on a winter jacket. Here are the facts:

  • I went into the store to look at bags and open to spending a maximum of 30 000 won. Instead I came out with no bag and one very expensive jacket.
  • We had just had a big dinner for Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) and I was definitely tipsy…
  • I usually take my time before buying big things – really mulling them over to make sure it’s the right choice and I definitely didn’t do it with this jacket (probably due to the alcohol running through my veins!?).
  • The real bugger is that because we save first (i.e. put away what we’re saving the minute we get our salaries) the jacket purchase has meant that we have to survive the rest of the month on a VERY tight budget.
  • BUT I have been wanting a mid-thigh length jacket since we landed in Korea (over 6 months ago) and had recently been researching and pricing them now that winter is coming. And this jacket was less than half the price of the jackets I had been looking at but seems like just as good quality.
  • Also, the jacket is GORGEOUS, long enough for my orangutan arms, wonderfully textured and has a cool neck buff that can become a hood. And most importantly, it seems VERY warm (Korean winter will only tell though!). My only concern is the colour… I don’t think that the colour is my ideal-ideal…

Ignore the unmade bed in the background!

The problem is that I have too many voices in my head. Ok, “voices” makes me sound crazy. The better word is probably “narratives”. I have too many narratives in my head, which makes judging if buying the jacket was a good choice or not very difficult:

  • The extreme early retirement/frugal living voice screams a resounding NO. It is certain that I shouldn’t have done it. It can’t help thinking what that 179 000 won would have been in 10 years time (with compound interest) had it been invested instead… Although on the bright side it does show (if our money survives until the end of the month) that we could be saving even more than we already are.
  • The intentional spending voice says that I was right to buy it. I wanted it for more than 30 days, researched and priced it and so bought it when I found the right balance of what I wanted, quality and pricing.
  • The minimalist voice (yes, dear Reader, I have been reading about and mulling over the whole minimalist wardrobe idea) says that it’s a nice jacket but that it’s not perfect and so not THE one.
  • The inner child in me celebrates that I did something not entirely “right” or “responsible”. It keeps thinking back to how exhilaratingly freeing it felt. My poor inner child doesn’t get a lot of game time as I tend to be overly responsible most of the time so she is VERY happy.
  • And Husband’s actual voice said “it’s nice to see you spending some money on yourself”.

So who knows whether it was the right decision or not?! The reality is that it doesn’t really matter now – it’s done. The jacket is bought and the money is spent. My inner child is screaming for me to stop taking everything so bloody seriously and just enjoy my beautiful jacket. But my responsible voice can’t help wanting to reflect on this so that it becomes a learning experience for the future… only bugger is that I’m just not quite sure what that lesson is exactly!! Hahahaha!



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