Week 19

I feel like we did quite well last week. Like during the actual week. During the weekend we spent a lot of money for sure but it was worth it. We went to Seoul for the weekend to meet up with family friends who are visiting Korea from South Africa. It was great to see them and surprisingly fun to play tourist-tourist with them 🙂 It confirmed that I shouldn’t wait for visitors to be a tourist.


Walking from Myeongdong to near Insadong


Samgypsal in Insadong (the tourist pozzie in Seoul)


The toilet from the top of Seoul Tower (over looking the lights of Seoul). Talk about a loo with a view! Was just brilliant 🙂 🙂

So the week’s spend went like this:

To new readers of The Brat Experiment: I basically report on our weekly spending and then write up a summary of our spending for each month. You can check out other weekly spends and the monthly summaries in The Numbers section.


11 120 won

10 120 won Groceries Necessary
1 000 won Gum Necessary
Eat Out

60 500 won

49 000 won Dinner and drinks with work Necessary but we did indulge in beer tastings etc 🙂
11 500 won Order in Indulgence but cheap
Clothes n/a

12 750 won

3 000 won CU beer Indulgence
3 750 won CU beer Indulgence
6 000 won Drinks before dinner Indulgence but lekker (South African for “really nice”)
Once-off n/a
Bills & Fees n/a


10 200 won

5 300 won Taxi to work dinner Necessary. It was super far.
4 900 won Taxi home after dinner Necessary
Gifts n/a
Medical n/a
Travel n/a

 Day to day total: 94 570 won

So basically, I was right and we were amazing with how little we spent during the week last week. Now for the tiny matter of Seoul…


95 200 won

4 400 won Taxi to bus station Necessary
43 000 won Bus to Seoul Necessary
43 000 won Bus home Necessary
4 800 won Taxi home Necessary

60 000 won

60 000 won Motel Necessary

116 830 won

5 600 won Bus snacks Necessary
73 000 won Lunch out for 5 Necessary
2 500 won Cool drinks Necessary
5 000 won Gimbap Necessary
13 000 won Breakfast Necessary
17 730 won Lunch out Necessary. AND it involved steak – a REAL treat here

3 500 won

3 500 won Beer after Seoul Tower Indulgence
Tourist Activities

36 000 won

16 000 won Palace secret garden Necessary.
20 000 won Seoul Tower Necessary and awesome

49 600 won

3 500 won Socks Necessary. Been looking for ages
5 000 won Scarf Indulgence but so pretty 🙂
41 100 won Harry Potter book and a puzzle Indulgence

5 200 won

5 200 won Postcards sent from Seoul Tower Necessary

 Seoul travel: 366 330 won


Check how pretty my scarf is! AND it’s practical colours that I will use often – at least I felt responsible in my indulgence 🙂

We did Seoul a little differently to usual in that we only travelled up on the Saturday morning and so didn’t to pay for accommodation on Friday night – this was a big saver. Accommodation really does nail the travel budget… so long term we definitely need a camper van or something…

Week’s total: 460 900 won

Necessary: 387 050 won (84%)

Indulgence: 73 850 won (16%)

Overall I am very pleasantly surprised by our spending last week. We only have one more weekend before payday and we feel like we are actually going to make it without having to eat nothing but ramien (Korean noodles) for a week 🙂 And this is even with this weekend coming lasting FIVE days. Yip, it’s Chusok (Korean thanksgiving) and so today is the last day of work for the week (yaaaaaaaay!). And I’m very excited because we are going to play tourist-tourist again 🙂



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