Week 18: A long week


One of the school dinners. Needless to say I had no idea what I was eating for most of the meal! You just take a bite and hope it’s cooked!

I decided instead of doing a weekly report for 4 days (the first week of this new month) to rather combine it with this week into a week of 11 days. So this is a long week. And it was a busy week. Between us we had three school dinners (for those of you dear Readers who aren’t familiar with Korean culture work dinners are a BIG thing here) and then then our friend came to visit us for the weekend. It was sooooooo good to see her 🙂 The low point was that we suddenly realized (only towards the end of the week!) that we have managed to commit ourselves to something (which requires money!) every single weekend of this month 😦 So we panicked. And since then have been even more frugal during the week in the hopes that our cash will last until the end of the month (which it has to because we have already sent our money to savings and the only way to get it out is for both of us to fly to New Zealand – while they will let you set up a NZ bank account from overseas, they won’t let you touch your money until you activate your account in person).


137 720 won

700 won Water Necessary
40 080 won Groceries Necessary. I made as close to a roast chicken and veges as we can get over here using our tiny oven 🙂
3 650 won Milk Necessary. Not sure why it was so expensive though…
17 220 won Groceries Necessary
2 600 won Milk Necessary
38 220 won Groceries Necessary
35 250 won Groceries Necessary. Even the wine 😉

Eat Out

157 250 won

11 400 won Coffee at the beach Indulgence
11 500 won Kimbap shop Indulgence but cheap
12 500 won Kimbap ordered in Indulgence. It was cold and rainy and we couldn’t face cooking…
17 850 won My school lunches I’ve decided this is actually an indulgence because I could have lunch for cheaper…
20 000 won School dinner Necessary
7 300 won Pizza Husband treated himself to some pizza while I was out with my school
17 300 won Coffee out for 3 of us Necessary. It was raining and this was a lovely outing to the beach with our friend 🙂
2 100 won Cool drinks for 3 Indulgence
34 000 won Kamjatang for 3 Necessary. And SO good 🙂
12 600 won Coffee for 3 Necessary.
10 700 won Mom’s Touch out Indulgence




18 000 won

5 000 won Stout beer Indulgence
13 000 won Beers for 3 in a bar Indulgence. But haven’t done this in AGES and our friend was visiting us 🙂


54 900 won

42 000 won Phone battery for Husband Necessary. Turns out the cheap second-hand phone we got Husband had a kaka battery…
12 900 won Tools for changing the battery Necessary. I thought I had ordered this with the phone battery… but lost in translation had other plans! Haha! The joys of doing things not in your first language and with a different alphabet!

Bills & Fees

500 won

500 won ATM withdrawal fee Necessary


17 400 won

3 900 won Taxi to school Necessary. My lift fell through and I obviously had to get to work.
3 700 won Taxi home from E-Mart Indulgence. We walked from the beach to e-mart and then caught a taxi. Totally worth it.
4 800 won Taxi to bus terminal Necessary. Took our friend to the bus terminal and had coffee while we waited for her bus 🙂
5 000 won Taxi home from bus terminal Necessary.
Gifts n/a
Medical n/a
Travel n/a

 Week’s total: 385 770 won

Necessary: 290 720 won (75%)

Indulgence: 95 050 won (25%)

You may have noticed that we bought quite a lot of food and drinks for 3 (i.e. for our friend who came to visit us too). Yes, technically it means we spent more money. But our friend has JUST arrived in Korea, is busy setting up her life here (e.g. paying for her registration card, sorting out her house etc) and hasn’t had her first pay cheque yet. We on the other hand have been here 6 months and are pretty much as set up as we’re ever going to be. It was a no brainer for us to pay for everything while she was with us. People first. Then money. Easy-peasy.

In terms of our spending it is actually less than I expected 🙂 Granted the ratio of necessary vs indulgence is not quite as good as usual (we tend to hover around 80:20) but that’s ok. I’m especially stoked with our spend given that this week was 11 days long. So here’s to this coming week and a trip to Seoul! 🙂




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