Week 17: A Short Week

This is a short week because today is payday (yay!) and so marks the beginning of a new month for us 🙂 So these are the numbers for Monday to Wednesday this week. As usual for the last week of the month, a big chunk of money is going to bills. Until we started tracking ourselves so diligently I had no idea how much money we actually spent on bills. It’s easy to think “40 000 won on a phone contract isn’t bad” but you forget that if you take into consideration that there are two phone contracts, internet, gas bills, electricity bills etc it all quickly adds up. Not sure what the solution is though other than to get seriously cheap when researching for a new phone or internet contract…


42 020 won

8 900 won Groceries Necessary
33 120 won Groceries Necessary

Eat Out





6 100 won

6 100 won Beer Indulgence


9 000 won

9 000 won Haircut for Husband Indulgence because I usually cut it for free but you can really tell the difference between me and a professional!

Bills & Fees

151 000 won

11 000 won Residency tax for Husband Necessary. Have NO idea why we had to pay this… just know that we had to.
11 000 won Residency tax for me As above
6 240 won Gas bill Necessary and wonderfully low. I dread winter’s gas bill…
39 600 won My phone bill Necessary
39 600 won Husband’s phone bill Necessary
43 560 won Internet Necessary




 60 000 won

60 000 won Postage for gifts Necessary. Even went with regular post (so cheaper). Didn’t go for the 3 month boat though…





Week’s total: 268 120 won

Necessary: 253 020 won (94%)

Indulgence: 15 100 won (6%)

Quite a lot for just 3 days…. But 150 000 won of that is bills and our ratio is great so I’m happy 🙂 Now to see what the numbers say about Month 4 as whole…




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