Week 16: Coasting Along

At the moment we are feeling pretty good about our spending. We’re managing to stay within out budget but don’t feel limited at all in our daily living. But I know that we could be spending less. And because of this I have been wondering lately if I’m perhaps too liberal in labelling things “necessary” as opposed to “indulgent”. The major area that I’m thinking about is our grocery shopping – this area really could use a more detailed analysis of necessity vs indulgence but the slips being in Korean make this quite a challenge… So for the moment our groceries are all just labeled “necessary”. We could also stop eating out, drinking alcohol, buying gifts and using taxis. That is the brutal, hard-core, ignore-our-values and retire-as-soon-as-possible truth. Which means that I cannot help but ask: Is our current (technically) indulgent spending worth the delay in reaching financial independence?


225 310 won


43 510 won Groceries Necessary
26 480 won Groceries Necessary
10 090 won Groceries Necessary
145 230 won Groceries Necessary. But it should be known that we don’t skimp when it comes to grocery shopping. For example we bought cheese, beef and cream despite them being VERY expensive in Korea.

 Eat Out

 56 000 won

24 000 won Samgypsal Indulgence
3 000 won Morning coffee Necessary. Bought coffee for myself and the lady giving me a lift to school.
24 000 won Dakgalbi Indulgence
5 000 won Fresh fruit juice Indulgence but SO good and a cheaper indulgence than most other drinks.




 20 100 won

6 800 won Beer Necessary
2 500 won Beer Indulgence
4 850 won Beer at the beach Necessary
5 950 won Beer at the beach Necessary


 188 100 won

18 100 won Postage for NZ visa Necessary and SUPER exciting 🙂
150 000 won Second-hand phone for Husband Necessary. His previous phone went to phone heaven. So after LOTS of research and thinking on his part he settled on this option: a phone that works that is cheap 🙂
20 000 won Phone cover for above Necessary. Could have shopped around for a cheaper option though…

Bills & Fees

104 204 won

104 204 won Building management fee Necessary


6 000 won

3 000 won Taxi to shops Indulgence
3 000 won Taxi home from shops Necessary (too much to carry)


 37 500 won

1 400 won Boxes for posting Indulgence because they were too big and so weren’t used
20 000 won Gifts Necessary
1 600 won Cards Necessary
14 500 won Gifts Necessary





 Week’s total: 637 214 won

Necessary: 577 314 won (91%)

Indulgence: 59 900 won (9%)

First reaction: Holy shit we spent a lot last week. Second reaction: Wow – best necessary vs indulgence ratio ever I think! But to help me answer whether our indulgence is worth the delay in reaching financial independence I am going to crunch the numbers again but this time excluding anything vaguely indulgent (as in we could easily survive without it, namely: eating out, alcohol, transport and gifts):

 Necessary: 517 614 won (81%)

Indulgence: 119 600 won (19%)

I suddenly feel much less indulgent and generally more awesome than I thought we were 🙂 Our indulgence went from 59 900 won to 119 600 won so only about a 60 000 won increase! So the question is rather: Is our indulgence of spending 60 000 won extra a month worth the delay in reaching financial independence? And I think the answer’s a resounding YES. Especially when taking into account our values and the fact that we want a quality of life while getting to financial independence. Just need to remind myself that it’s not about spending as little as possible; rather it’s about spending intentionally. Just love it.



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