Week 15: A pleasant surprise

And just like that, with this post I will be all caught up on our Korean spending 🙂 This week is from when we landed back in Korea last week Wednesday until Sunday. It felt like we were quite loose and free with the cash last week… probably something to do with how tired we were and maybe still being in a bit of a holiday mode? Anyway, let’s see how we shaped up:



129 980 won


2 650 won Milk Necessary
1 000 won Water Necessary
49 600 won Groceries Necessary
76 730 won Groceries and a fan Necessary. We tried to survive this heat and humidity without buying a fan but on Saturday we cracked. Just. Too. Hot.

Eat Out

69 600 won

17 200 won Burger King Indulgence. But necessary because we hadn’t eaten all day with all our flights (CANNOT believe it’s not a legal requirement to feed people on a 6 hour flight!)
1 200 won Cool drink Indulgence
6 000 won Husband lunch Necessary. School isn’t feeding us during the holidays. Although… since this first day we have been bringing our own lunch to school…
5 500 won My lunch As above
1 700 won Milkshake Indulgence and so good 🙂
29 500 won Beach burgers Indulgence and SO good 🙂
8 500 won Beer and sweets Indulgence




10 250 won

5 000 won Beach beers Necessary (and from convenience store)
5 250 won Beach beers These were probably indulgence…



Bills & Fees

1 020 won

1 020 won Bank sms fee Necessary. I thought. But these do seem to be adding up and increasing as each month goes by…


3 300 won

3 300 won Taxi home from big shop Necessary. Too much to carry or cycle.


9 820 won

3 500 won Gift Necessary
6 320 won Gift Necessary


7 000 won

4 300 won Fee to see ENT Necessary and soooooo cheap! Love the Korean medical system 🙂
2 700 won Meds from ENT As above 🙂


(Back from Seoul)

47 700 won

43 000 won Bus home Necessary
4 700 won Taxi home Necessary.

Week’s total: 278 670 won

Necessary: 215 320 won (77%)

Indulgence: 63 350 won (23%)

Not too shabby 🙂 Even with buying a fan (for the record possibly one of the best investments we have ever made!). And eating out a lot. And beach beers 🙂 Yay! Makes me wonder if we could possibly up our savings percentage with our next paycheck…


The Beach: Korean Style


Samgypsal (pork, kimchi, veges, tofu etc)



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