Week 14


Hello, dear Reader! How are you?? It’s weird, but I really missed you while we were away. We got back to our apartment 10pm on Wednesday night, absolutely shattered, and started work again bright and early Thursday morning. I naively thought I’d spend the first day of work sorting our holiday pictures and catching up on The Brat Experiment (there are no kids to teach at the moment and so no actual work-work to be done) but I was too exhausted… instead I spent the day watching movies and trying to sleep (my co-teachers sleep at their desks no problem but my innate sense that one-should-not-sleep-at-work ensures that I don’t). Anyhow now that I’ve had the weekend to relax and catch up on sleep I’m going to slowly-slowly start posting all the posts I have in my head (there are quite a few!!) – starting with a report on our numbers in Korea 🙂

I have NO sense of how we have done so far this month… This Week 14 is from Monday 25th of July – Saturday 30th July when we flew out to Malaysia. It wasn’t a typical week at all. Firstly because my brother (Bro) stayed with us for two days (so of course we ran around like mad things, not caring about the money so much, showing him everything we could about our lives over here) and secondly because we travelled to Seoul so that we could fly out to Malaysia on the Saturday.


35 030 won

6 500 won Groceries Necessary
12 900 won Facewash Necessary
2 700 won Milk Necessary
11 930 won Groceries Necessary
1 000 won Gum Necessary

Eat Out

137 820 won

5 500 won Pizza Indulgence
9 830 won Beer, choc milk, snacks etc Indulgence
39 000 won Dakgalbi Necessary. To show Bro some of our favourite food.
990 won Ice cream for pudding Necessary.
5 000 won Gimbap As above. To show Bro.
12 000 won Kakguksu & Mandoo As above.
35 000 won Kamjatang As above.
11 000 won Gimbap As above
19 500 won Budnamu As above. But this time it was a beer brewery 😀






13 000 won

13 000 won Haircut Necessary

Bills & Fees

11 860 won

11 360 won Gas fee Necessary
500 won ATM withdrawal fee Necessary


20 000 won

3 500 won Taxi to beach Necessary. It was dark and late and we wanted to show Bro the beach
3 500 won Taxi home from beach As above
4 500 won Taxi home Necessary. It was late and we walked there.
5 300 won Taxi to hairdresser Indulgence
3 200 won Taxi home Indulgence


3 000 won

3 000 won Rice cakes for Bro Necessary




(Seoul before flying to Malaysia)

219 350 won

20 000 won Japanese beer Indulgence and WAY overpriced
10 800 won Fast food burgers Necessary
32 000 won Nachos and beer Indulgence and overpriced L
24 500 won Breakfast out Necessary and catching up with old family friends so very in-line with our values (food and people) 🙂
7 000 won Bapbinsu Necessary so Bro could taste it.
3 150 won Choc biscuits Necessary so Bro could taste the best biscuits ever.
65 000 won Motel Necessary
4 000 won Taxi to bus station Necessary
4 900 won Taxi to bus station Necessary
43 000 won Bus to Seoul Necessary
5 000 won T-money card Necessary

Week’s Total: 440 060 won

Necessary: 364 230 won (83%)

Indulgent: 75 830 won (17%)

All in all, not too shabby 🙂 Definitely spent more than usual but I’m totally ok with that given that we were showing my brother everything. And given that we were out of the country for 10 days and so spent the next 10 days not spending anything out of our Korean budget 🙂


Dakgalbi (spicy chicken) 


And dakgalbi is often had with soju 🙂 


Our beach


View of our town 


Kamjatang (pork spine stew)



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