Week 11: Big Improvement :)

Last week we didn’t travel anywhere. In fact, Husband was sick so we did even less that we usually do when we stay at home. Earlier in the week we did go on a bit of a clothes spending spree though. All very intentional and purposeful but a spree nonetheless. Malaysia is now 3 weeks away and we suddenly realized that we don’t have non-work clothes that will simultaneously keep us cool and comfortable while still being respectful (read: cover up our bodies) when we visit temples etc. So this needed to be addressed ASAP.


178 950 won

1 900 won Garlic and cucumber Necessary
8 500 won Korean side dishes Necessary
2 600 won Milk Necessary
150 040 won Big shop Necessary
15 910 won Groceries Mostly indulgence if I’m honest

Eat Out

20 700 won

15 500 won Pizza Indulgence
2 200 won Ice cream Indulgence
3 000 won Juices Necessary. And on sale.


 104 200 won

51 500 won Top 10 sale Necessary. We realized we don’t have any non-work clothes for Malaysia.
34 900 won Uniqlo Necessary. More work clothes for this humid summer.
7 900 won Sunglasses Indulgence. But on sale 🙂
9 900 won Shorts Necessary for Malaysia.


 15 300 won

6 600 won Boxes for brewing Necessary to keep the home brew at the right temperature.
2 700 won Water for brewing Necessary. It’s all in the water apparently. And Korean water doesn’t taste awesome.
6 000 won Beer outside the convenience store Indulgence. But happy 🙂




Bills & Fees



3 300 won

3 300 won Taxi home Necessary. Too much shopping to carry or cycle home.


27 800 won

8 000 won Birthday party Necessary. Birthdays are important.
19 800 won Gifts Necessary





 Week’s total: 350 250 won

Necessary: 302 740 won (86%)

Indulgence: 47 510 won (14%)

What did I tell you, dear Reader? I knew that we would be able to spend less this week 🙂 By almost half nogal! And that was even with our clothes buying spree! What smarty-pants we are! Or maybe smarty-pants is the wrong word… it’s more like it feels like we are finding our balance financially. It feels like we’re hitting the sweet spot in terms of reducing our spending while still feeling like we have the freedom to spend money if we want to. Yay 🙂



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