Week 10! Into double-figures on Our Brat Experiment :)

How crazy is that, dear Reader? 10 whole weeks of doing The Brat Experiment. Just amazing 🙂 So to mark the occasion I’m going to shift how I report the numbers from doing it in chronological order to grouping our spending into categories (ok, to be fair I was going to do this anyway cause I think we’ve learnt what we can from chronological order. But still. The 10 weeks sounds cool.) And while I do this I am listening to an AWESOME South African music mix on YouTube – seriously check it out 🙂 Also, look how clever I got! I can now post playlists into my blog!

P.S. How great is that first song?? Especially for all my fellow travellers out there ❤


144 650 won

64 290 won Big shop Necessary
41 600 won Husband school lunch Necessary
2 700 won Choco pies Very indulgent.
36 060 won Groceries Necessary

Eat Out

104 500 won

7 000 won Bap-bin-su Necessary. Part of being a tourist here. And SO good 🙂
13 000 won Gimbap dinner Indulgence
48 300 won Dinner and beer out Necessary because it was in line with our values of people being the most important. And it was the first time we have done it with friends in our town since moving here (4 months ago!).
27 000 won Dakgalbi Necessary. My way of marking/acknowledging my Mom’s death day.
2 200 won Ice cream Necessary. Part of my Mom’s death day.
7 000 won School juices Indulgent.


31 300 won

2 500 won Socks Necessary
22 800 won Pants and a skirt Necessary. Husband’s old pants were transparent. And the humidity is too much here for me to keep wearing pants to work.
6 000 won Shoes Indulgence probably… Although a very cheap one for shoes


80 900 won

74 900 won Brewing kit Necessary (in line with our values).
6 000 won Beer Indulgence


2 000 won

2 000 won Nail polish Indulgence? It’s a base nail polish though so necessary? I wouldn’t have died if I hadn’t bought it though…

Bills & Fees



3 000 won

3 000 won Taxi home Necessary. Impossible to carry or cycle our big shop home.







263 950 won


41 800 won Bus to Daegu Necessary.
4 000 won Taxi Necessary
4 000 won Taxi Necessary
7 600 won Taxi Necessary
10 000 won T-money card Necessary for public transport
41 800 won Bus home Necessary
4 800 won Taxi Necessary
9 000 won Gimbap dinner Necessary.
2 500 won Bus snacks Indulgent. Mainly sweets 🙂
38 000 won Pizza out Indulgent.
52 000 won Curry out Necessary. SO good to have some proper curry again 🙂
4 000 won Cool drinks Necessary for the hangover
7 000 won Gimbap lunch Necessary
3 700 won Coffees Indulgent
20 000 won Alcohol Necessary. And such fun being out with our friends 🙂
2 750 won Beer Necessary. And in the rain. Awesome 🙂
11 000 won Beer Indulgent


Week’s total: 630 300 won

Necessary: 538 400 won (85%)

Indulgence: 91 900 won (15%)


Now before you (we!) panic about how much money we spent, dear Reader, let’s just remind ourselves of two things. Firstly, week 10 was actually 9 days long because the new month (the 25th) started on the Saturday. So for simplicity’s sake, instead of having one entry for the Saturday and Sunday and then another for week 10, I just put them together. Secondly, we went travelling and on the new plan the day-to-day and travelling costs are meshed together (without travelling our day-to-day cost would have been 366 350 won) – so the numbers will look bigger.


Having said that though, according to our new plan we have 1.9 million won a month combined for day-to-day and travelling – this means we should spend roughly about 500 000 won a week. Maximum. So technically, we have in fact spent too much this week… But I am still not going to panic. The 500 000 won is a guideline (we’re focusing on the monthly picture rather than the weekly one). And we are only travelling again at the end of the month so the next two weeks won’t come close to this week’s spend. Our ratio of necessary vs indulgent is great. And, ultimately, I trust in our ability to spend less this coming week J




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