Week 9

This was a short week because the new month starts for us on the 25th (which was Saturday). So technically we should have spent well below 200 000 won (according to the old plan) but because we revaluated The Brat Experiment the weekend before we were a little more free this week…

51 000 won My school lunches Necessary
3 720 won Beer Indulgence
39 600 won My phone bill Necessary
43 560 won Internet bill Necessary
39 600 won Husband’s phone Necessary
8 500 won Soup mix Necessary. Multiple Korean soup base mixes i.e. a source of multiple cheap (local) meals
8 270 won Groceries Necessary
3 150 won Groceries Necessary
16 130 won Gas bill Necessary. And MASSIVELY reduced from last month. Amazing how quickly the seasons changed (the gas does the underfloor heating).
35 500 won Burger dinner out Indulgence. And AMAZING. Hands down the best burger in Korea to date 🙂
4 150 won Beer and chocolate biscuits Indulgence. And drunk/eaten on the beach with a view 🙂
4 980 won Groceries Necessary
7 450 won Gin Indulgence

 Week’s total: 265 610 won

Necessary: 214 790 won (81%)

Indulgence: 50 820 won (19%)

Once again our bills (school lunches, phone bills, internet and gas bill) all add up to a hefty sum… What’s interesting though is that despite our increased freedom, which resulted in splurging on burgers, beers and chocolate biscuits on Thursday night, our ratio of necessary vs indulgent actually improved from last week. Not too shabby 🙂



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