Week 8: Over budget. Again.

I already know that we went over the week’s budget. I know this for two reasons: we paid the building management fee last week (which effectively cuts our weekly budget in half) and I did a quick calculation of where we were at on Saturday morning and we were already about 5000 won shy of our 200 000 won week’s allowance. Not an awesome feeling to have at the beginning of your much anticipated weekend…

2 650 won Milk Necessary
30 000 won Bus from Seoul Necessary
6 950 won Bus snacks Necessary. Husband had just got off an international flight.
21 515 won Bank fees Necessary unfortunately. Cost of sending money to New Zealand.
4 500 won Juice Indulgence. But entertainment so awkward. We babysat my co-teacher’s kids and they wanted juice…
2 900 won Beer at the beach Indulgence. But cheap 🙂
1 400 won Soju Indulgence. Alcohol. But super cheap.
104 260 won Building management fee Necessary 😦
1 700 won Small milk Necessary. But expensive cause our regular (more cost effective) sized milk was out of stock.
3 800 won Tonic water Indulgence. For the gin 🙂
14 000 won Lunch out Indulgence. But with the school during an all day workshop…
2 000 won Preserve jar Necessary. I went apricot picking with my co-teachers (for free!) and came home with about 4kg of (FREE!) apricots 🙂
8 400 won Beach beer and chips Indulgence. And so good. You should have seen the view, dear Reader. And there are few things better than beer with a view 🙂
20 000 won Dinner out Indulgence
11 600 won Beer, milk and chocolate biscuits Mostly indulgence…


40 450 won Groceries Necessary

 Week’s total: 276 125 won

Necessary: 209 525 won (76%)

Indulgence: 66 600 won (24%)

So we seem to be back to the same pattern, dear Reader: over budget but a much better ratio of necessary vs indulgence than last week. This being over budget nonsense is getting old. Very old. And resulted in a discussion revaluating The Brat Experiment while sipping on our beers and looking at the view at the beach… But more on that in the next post, dear Reader.





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