The sparkle has dimmed…

It’s official. The sparkle has dimmed and the glitter has dulled. I’m no longer inhaling Early Retirement articles every moment I can. I no longer lie awake at night, too excited to sleep because I can’t help but write my next blog post in my head. I no longer feel like some brave pioneer-hero experimenting with the unknown. No longer am I entirely consumed. Instead, it has become just another hum-drum part of my life. The Brat Experiment has officially lost its novelty. It’s awful, I know, dear Reader.

I realized this last week. And proactively chose to ignore it. But I’ve decided to put on my grown-up pants and note some (obvious?) things:

  • It was inevitable. There was no way I was going to maintain my all-consuming enthusiasm for The Brat Experiment indefinitely.
  • The fact that it is no longer a “novelty” or “the unknown” is actually a good thing. It means that I’ve integrated the concept into my life and view of the world. It doesn’t mean that I have nothing left to learn. Because I do. A lot. But it does mean that the lessons I have learnt have now become a comfortable part of me.
  • Losing the initial enthusiasm and sparkle does not mean that we have given up on The Brat Experiment. (See point 2 above for starters). We are still working daily to reduce our spending and increase our savings. We are still tracking our money and reporting our figures here. We’re still doing what needs to be done. It just doesn’t consume our every thought anymore.

My weird dinner combination last week – trying to finish everything in the fridge so nothing is wasted 🙂

All this means that it is not the end of the world that the sparkle has dimmed. We still want the life that The Brat Experiment can offer us. And we’re still doing everything we can to make sure that it happens. We/I just happen to be less bouncy about it now.



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