Week 6

As I write this I’m sitting at my desk feeling reasonably sorry for myself. Husband has gone off to South Africa for the week (one of his best friends is getting married) which is fine except that at precisely 10 pm last night I started feeling sick… Ear ache, really sore throat, sinus and a distinct uncomfortable warmth… My eyes are definitely not loving the computer screen… Despite this though I’m surprisingly optimistic about how we did with the Brat Experiment last week…

8300 won Flower pots and soil Necessary. We’re growing herbs from scratch 🙂
5300 won Beers and chocolate milk Indulgence
500 won ATM withdrawal fee Necessary
3550 won Soju & Mix Indulgence. But cheapest alcohol we could think of.
2750 Plug Necessary. And we were THRILLED – took us 3 months to find one that fitted our sink.
10 000 won Gifts Necessary
10 000 won Book Necessary. The Vegetarian. It’s a translated Korean book that just won a big fancy award.
8800 won Beer Necessary. Husband totally just got NZ residency – celebrations were in order 🙂
2400 won Chocolate biscuits Necessary. Part of the NZ celebrations 🙂
9000 won School juice Indulgence
22 000 won Dinner out Indulgence. But part of the NZ residency celebration
1800 won Ice cream Pudding from the grocery store after dinner out
13 440 won Groceries Necessary
1000 won ATM withdrawal fee Necessary. Although I am starting to feel that these fees are adding up…
10 000 won Gifts Necessary
45 000 won Gifts Necessary
7000 won Gifts Necessary
10 000 won Gifts Necessary
18 000 won Gifts Necessary
20 000 won Gifts Necessary
12 460 won Gifts Necessary and on sale
8000 won Gifts Necessary

Week’s total: 229 300 won

Necessary: 187 650 (82%)

Indulgence: 41 650 won (18%)

Much better (compared to last week)! Firstly out weekly total is much closer to what it should be i.e. 200 000 won 🙂 And this is despite the massive gift shop that we did (140 460 won – 61% of our week’s spend) – yay! Also our ratio of necessary vs indulgence has improved again 🙂

It was a long weekend (Monday was a public holiday here) so while Husband jetted off to South Africa I spent the weekend in Seoul seeing friends and generally doing the touristy thing 🙂

4200 won Taxi to bus station Necessary
29 200 won Bus to Seoul Necessary
20 000 won Money on T-money card Necessary to use the subway. And the cheapest way of getting around.
3700 won Breakfast Necessary (from grocery store)
7000 won Coffee out Indulgence
12 400 won Subway Lunch Indulgence. And not great 😦
21 500 won Craft beer Indulgence and delicious.
1500 won Doughnut Indulgence but SO good
24 000 won Beer & Pudding Necessary. My hosts bought dinner so it was the right thing to do.
4000 won Bag locker Necessary
5000 won Money on T-money card Necessary
9400 won Juices Necessary. Breakfast. And SO good.
2000 won Deer food Necessary and awesome
12 000 won Lunch out Necessary. And amazing.
6500 won Ice coffees Indulgence
10 000 won 2 shirts Necessary? Indulgence? They were cheap. But I wouldn’t have bought them if we weren’t travelling…
11 000 won Wine Indulgence
21 000 won Gifts Necessary
4000 won Groceries Nuts. And super cheap 🙂
6000 won Bag locker Necessary
10 000 won Money on T-money card Necessary
13 000 won Three scarves Indulgence. But cheap and felt wonderful to spoil myself a bit 🙂
9000 won Traditional Korean tea Necessary.
1900 won Lunch out Necessary. Also there was a special so SUPER cheap.
1000 won Water Necessary
21 500 won Bus home Necessary
5000 won Taxi home Necessary

Travel total: 275 800 won

Necessary: 192 900 (70%)

Indulgence: 82 900 won (30%)

Granted most of this travel spend was just for me (cause Husband is in South Africa), but I still feel good about it. A massive difference to the budget is that there were no accommodation costs – I stayed with friends the whole time. Also, all the site seeing we did was free – the only costs involved were transport costs to get to places – bravo Korea! So definitely a lesson going forward: eating and drinking (our usual holiday activities) are expensive; but site-seeing seems to be generally free (in Korea at least!) – so here’s to doing more of that! 🙂



Seoul Forest


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