STOP bullying me!!

Something strange has subtly crept into our lives since starting this Brat Experiment. When Hubby and I were at the shops a few weeks ago we perplexingly found ourselves getting angrier and angrier the longer we walked around…

At first we thought that it was because we were angry with ourselves because we weren’t letting ourselves buy things that we normally would have. But after the millionth “sale” or “special deal” sign we realized that it was actually because we felt bullied into buying stuff that we didn’t really want. We felt like the shop was trying to coerce us into spending. And it properly pissed us off.

Of course businesses make money by getting people to buy stuff. So they are going to try to coerce us into spending our money. But I think that, for the most part, us shoppers have forgotten this. We are so completely surrounded by capitalist and consumerist culture that we don’t even see it anymore. And so we have become passive participants in our own spending. We’ve lost our agency and intentionality.

But since beginning the Brat Experiment Husband and I have started critically evaluating and tracking our spending. And an unintentional byproduct of this has been that suddenly we see the bullying consumerism all around us for what it is. And we are not ok with it.

Maybe this is why my Experts are spending less and claiming to be not only just as happy but actually happier? They’ve called bullshit on bullying consumerist culture and, in doing so, have reclaimed themselves. They are no longer passive spenders at the mercy of capitalism but are rather independent, active directors of their own lives. And that’s pretty cool and empowering 🙂



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