Week 4: Bugger.

Again I find myself not looking forward to writing this post… The weekend, while planned (i.e. not impulsive), just felt like we spent a LOT of cash…

2600 won Milk Necessary
13 000 won Order-in Indulgence. But cheapest way it can be done.
18 000 won Beer in a pub Indulgence but SO good. And we had friends staying with us 🙂
17 000 won Dinner out We had friends staying with us and we really wanted to show them this food (which we cannot make at home).
1200 won Ice Cream Pudding after dinner out (from the grocery store i.e. cheapest it can be done)
48 450 won May school lunches Necessary. And cheap.
4500 won Coffee Necessary. Again, co-teachers took me out. I ordered the cheapest option though.
4300 won Milk


Necessary. We shared one beer (would NEVER have done prior to this Brat Experiment) to celebrate me surviving my open class (other teachers coming to watch and assess my teaching).
5200 won Beach beer Necessary. Started the weekend by cycling (free!) to the beach and having a beer (from a grocery story so the cheapest it can be done).
27 800 won My clothes Unfortunately necessary. My work clothes show too much shoulder for Korean culture, which is becoming a problem now that it’s warming up and I’m no longer wearing a million layers…
14 900 won My clothes As above
15 500 won Gifts Necessary? Indulgent? But we do so love giving gifts…
165 170 won Groceries Necessary: 98 110 won. Indulgent: 67 060 won.The indulgence included bulk beer, salmon, chips, a bottle of wine, brie cheese and some other stuff that I can’t remember and can’t read off the Korean tillslip.
7770 won Groceries Necessary
79 800 won Shoes Necessary. Shopped around and these were the best option weighing quality and price. (Husband’s last dress shoes lasted 5 years and were only just thrown out because they had holes in them).
36 100 won Gifts Necessary? Indulgent? But we do so love giving gifts…
44 900 won Gifts Necessary? Indulgent? But we do so love giving gifts…
130 000 won Back pack Necessary for travelling. And did a LOT of research into prices, bags and weighing quality and price – this bag was the best option. However, it is a once-off extra – will come out of our 200 000 won buffer (see the current plan).
850 won Water Necessary

Week’s total: 637 040 won

Necessary: 538 130 won (85%)

Indulgence: 98 060 won (15%)

Is it alright to say a swear word now??? 😦 Our total spend for this week was more than 1 person’s budget for AN ENTIRE MONTH!! 😦 😦 And we were doing SO well!! And now in our final week of our first month on The Brat Experiment…. *sob.

One redeeming thing is that our ratio of necessary vs indulgence has actually improved from last week – mini yay. Also there were absolutely no transport costs – we walked and cycled everywhere. AND we didn’t eat out at all once our visitors left (despite much discussion about samgypsal and dakgalbi!).

Ok, so where did it all go?? We knew that we had spent a lot but hadn’t imagined it could be this much…

Gifts: 96 500 won (15%)

Once off investments that we won’t replace for years (bag & shoes): 209 800 won (33%)

Clothes: 42 700 won (7%)

School lunch: 48 450 won (8%)

Our best way of looking at this week is:

Our combined weekly budget is 200 000 won.

We have a 200 000 won buffer per month for once-off/unexpected costs.

So we overspent by: 237 040 won (i.e. more than double our weekly budget).




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