Week 3: Ok, we seem to making progress…

We had a good week. Well, rather a spot on week. We were away from Friday night to Sunday (i.e. travel budget) so the budget for the week should have been 140 000 won (20 000 won a day Monday to Friday and 40 000 won for Sunday) and we came in just under that:


4000 won Coffee with school Necessary. Super socially and culturally not cool to refuse to buy coffee when going out with your co-teachers.
9500 won Order-in dinner Indulgent. But cheapest order-in we can do.
440 won Bank fee Necessary.
3500 won Taxi to yoga Indulgent. But it was raining. Also I was lazy.
2650 won Milk Necessary
4000 won Medication Necessary. Husband has been sick.
48 590 won Groceries Necessary.
4000 won Korean side dishes An indulgence. But my co-teacher especially took me there…
4500 won Groceries Necessary
18 000 won Medication Necessary. Husband still sick…
25 000 won Dinner out (dakgalbi) Necessary. Had to introduce our visitors to the awesomeness of the meal.
9950 won Pudding Beer and ice cream. An indulgence but the cheapest way it could be done.


Week’s total: 134 130 won

Necessary: 107 180 won (80%)

Indulgence: 26 950 won (20%)


Then we went away and so the weekend’s expenses came out of our travel budget. We went to a Korean craft beer festival and it was awesome 🙂 Nothing like drinking great beer with fantastic friends in the afternoon sun while listening to Korean rock music 🙂


Craft Beer Festival, Gapyeong, South Korea (May, 2016)

Our expenses for this trip were more in line with what we expected than last time, although maybe that’s simply because we tracked our expenses last time.


3400 won Taxi to bus terminal Necessary for Husband to make our bus after work
4500 won Taxi to bus terminal Necessary for me to make our bus after work
23 400 won Bus to Chuncheon Necessary
50 000 won Love Motel Necessary. And cheap.
3200 won Taxi to dinner Necessary to find the restaurant. We walked back to our motel afterwards though (admittedly initially because we couldn’t find a taxi)
28 000 won Dakgalbi (dinner) Necessary. Chuncheon is famous for dakgalbi. Silly to visit the town and not have it.
2000 won Pudding after dinner Ice cream and Halls. Necessary.
5800 won Bus to Gapyeong Necessary
9000 won Breakfast. Indulgent. It was coffee and cake J
5200 won Taxi to accommodation Necessary. We didn’t know where it was and it was not in walking distance.
60 000 won Pension Necessary. And beautiful. And good for the soul 🙂
45 000 won Food at Beer Fest Necessary but an indulgence. Could have taken food for much cheaper.
6000 won Breakfast smoothie An indulgence but SO good.
3000 won Taxi to town Necessary. And cheap cause 3 of us in the car to split costs.
3000 won Taxi to town Necessary. And cheap cause 3 of us in the car to split costs. Problem was Husband and I were in different taxis…
5900 won Burger lunch Indulgence but also good.
3000 won Bus snacks Necessary and the cheapest it can be done.
5800 won Bus to Chuncheon Necessary
23 400 won Bus to Gangneung Necessary
2800 won Taxi home Necessary. Too far to walk. But split costs with our visitors 🙂


Travel total: 292 400 won


Breakfast 🙂

Necessary: 226 500 won (77%)

Indulgence: 65 900 won (23%)


This is a MASSIVE improvement on last week’s travel ratio of necessary vs. indulgent. So I am going to take this for the win – yay! 🙂


Except that there is just the tiniest detail of some holiday flights we bought:


1 300 000 won Flights to Malaysia Necessary. Would have been cheaper except that the stupid Korean online banking is a nightmare that not even my co-teachers can negotiate. So we had to buy the flights with my South African credit card and send the money home (losing money in the exchange).


Which clearly blows our travel budget completely out of the water. So much so that I almost didn’t list it here. But you and I are friends, dear Reader, so I could never hide something from you, even if I’m not quite sure how it fits into this Early Retirement thing we are trying to do here…




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