Week 2: Oh dear…

I am conflicted writing this… mainly in that I don’t want to. It’s going to force me engage with exactly how much over our budget we went and frankly, I’d prefer not to. I was perfectly happy assuming the elephant position thank you very much. Stupid Brat Experiment.

In terms of the week’s spending we were actually ok though:

11 720 won Groceries Necessary
5 050 won Milk and picnic snacks Avoidable. But I’m trying to fit in with my work colleagues and communal eating is an important part.
3 500 won School lunch Necessary
3 400 won Taxi Avoidable. But I had walked to yoga (saving money when I really otherwise would not have) and it was night time by the time yoga finished so a taxi was definitely the safer option.
10 000 won Bus/subway card recharge Necessary. Cheapest way of getting around (definitely too far to walk!)
9 000 won Kokis Better drawing equipment for my drawings for this blog – necessary?
10 000 won Bus/subway card recharge Necessary. As above.
32 740 won Groceries Necessary
3 700 won Beer An indulgence. But was from a convenience store so the cheapest way of doing it.

Grand total: 89 110 won

Given that our weekly spending budget is 200 000 won for the two of us this looks fantastic 🙂 Except that we were away from Wednesday night to Saturday and so three days’ worth of expenses came out of our travel budget. And this is the bit where we get bummed:


4 300 won Taxi Necessary to get to the bus in time after work.
29 200 won Bus to Seoul Necessary
9 800 won Dinner Necessary
7 500 won Dinner Avoidable (yes, we had two dinners)
8 700 won Taxi Necessary. We walked for over an hour first to try to find a motel on our own but had no luck and by then it was 10 o’clock at night.
70 000 won Motel Could have found a cheaper motel if we were less tired.
21 800 won Bus to Boryeong Necessary
4 400 won Taxi Necessary – bus was late so we were late to meet our friends.
22 000 won Lunch Necessary. Our favourite food in Boryeong and with our old friends.
80 000 won Motel (two nights) Necessary and wonderfully cheap
47 000 won Drinks Paid for everyone’s drinks. Technically avoidable but don’t think we want to change this part of ourselves…
9 600 won Beer Avoidable
19 800 won Train to Seoul Necessary
8 000 won Breakfast gimbap Avoidable
6 000 won Coffee Avoidable. Especially since the milk was off L
18 100 won Coffee To say thank you for lunch so necessary.
4 400 won Taxi Avoidable. But it was raining.
20 000 won Alcohol Avoidable
23 000 won Dinner & Beer Necessary. Even the beer.
5 000 won Strawberries Necessary. A present for where we were going for lunch.
27 000 won Presents Avoidable. But nice and relationship building (especially with our co-teachers)
24 000 won Breakfast Avoidable but SO good
43 000 won Bus home Necessary
6 000 won Dinner Necessary
4 300 won Taxi Necessary. It was after 10pm, the buses has stopped and we were exhausted.


Grand total: 522 900 won

Necessary: 299 400 won

Avoidable: 223 500 won


So to sum that up: we almost doubled the money we spent by spending on AVOIDABLE things. We were hoping to get the weekend for about 300 000 won and it hurts to see that it was actually possible. It really highlights though how much money can actually be saved by reducing spending on the little things.


However, the flip side is that I’m not sure we would have had such a good time if we had reduced our expenses…. I know my Experts claim to enjoy life more not eating out, not drinking alcohol and walking everywhere… But, I’ll be honest dear Reader, I’m just not sure that we are those kind of good, content, happy-to-give-up-meat-and-restaurants-cause-it’s-cheaper people. Or at least we aren’t yet.



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