Week 1 – Pleasantly surprised :)

You will remember, dear Reader, that the goal was 200 000 won (100 000 each) per week? This week was our first test and I have to say that we nailed it 🙂 This is how the week’s spending went (in chronological order because I think that offers more insight into the lifestyle-ness of our spending):

1200 won Chocolate milk An indulgence
27780 won Running shorts Necessary
7700 won Groceries Necessary
10800 won School juices An indulgence but socially awkward if I don’t. Living in a different culture here people – trying to fit in!
19680 won Groceries Necessary
5750 won Beer An indulgence
23000 won Restaurant dinner An indulgence. But we are living in Korea for a limited time, we LOVE the food and we cannot cook it at home. What’s the point of travelling and living overseas if you can’t eat the food?
6750 won Beer and ice cream Pudding after the restaurant dinner. But winning because it’s cheaper than buying it with dinner.
50000 won Wedding present Stoked to have been invited to a Korean wedding. And weddings need gifts J
13000 won Coffee out To thank the people who gave us a lift to the wedding.
8850 won Groceries Necessary
10100 won Coffee out To celebrate being completely debt free and having survived our first week of Early Retirement lifestyle J
9890 won Groceries Necessary
8400 won Groceries Necessary

Grand total: 202 900 won

There are absolutely things that we could have cut down on. But we still definitely spent less than we would have normally. Given that we would have come in 50 000 won under budget if it hadn’t been for the unusual expense of the wedding, I feel pretty stoked. Although, aren’t unusual expenses actually quite common (and so need to be allowed for in the budget)? Overall I feel that it’s a good start at trying to achieve the kind of balance that we want (saving but not feeling constantly denied). Here’s to Week 2! 🙂




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