Plan 1


Hubby and I get paid on the 25th of each month and so we have decided that today is the first day of really putting this Brat Experiment into practice. And we think that we have come up with a flawless plan for it:

Whenever we travel we give ourselves a budget per day. We know that we can’t spend over that on any given day but that if we under spend then we have extra for something we could not have otherwise afforded – wonderful. And it works really well J So why not apply it to our normal, everyday lives? So here is the plan:

  1. Our budget is 100 000 won a week each. This is 10 000 won a day Monday to Thursday and 20 000 won a day for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Plus we have allocated an extra 100 000 won each a month for any unexpected or bigger expenses that might happen from time to time.
  3. This means that we will live off 500 000 won each a month.
  4. PLUS we have allocated 500 000 won a month each for traveling expenses. This can be saved up for a big trip or used to explore the country we are currently in.
  5. All this means that we will be saving almost 60% of our combined salaries.
  6. Track our expenses in real time over the next month using our new money management app and then reassess this plan at the end of the month.

Sounds pretty good hey? I mean, what could go wrong?! 😉






5 thoughts on “Plan 1

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