The Beginning…

So, dear Reader, let’s be transparent from the very beginning. Some things to know about me:

  • I’m 29 years old.
  • I’m happily married to one of the grumpiest and loveliest humans on Earth.
  • I’m a trained professional in the Humanities (i.e. I get the Bell Curve but beyond that I tend to panic when it comes to numbers).
  • I LOVE my job.
  • I am obsessed with travelling.
  • And I recently realized that I want to retire early. Or to be more honest and specific: I recently realized “early retirement” is the name for how I want to live my life. Up until now I’ve tended to use my husband’s word for what I want: “Brat”.

To be fair, I think “Brat” sums it up quite nicely. My idea for my life is:

  1. To travel. Often. Regularly. Slowly. Leisurely. For weeks at a time.
  2. To have the privilege of being the Mom (the kids haven’t been born yet!) who can watch soccer practice, join in school trips and play hide and seek in the garden
  3. To work at my job which I love
    • BUT to do so with flexible hours and as much holiday time as I want (because of the kids and the travelling)
  4. To own my own house (debt free)
  5. To be financially secure and comfortable (for example: not be at risk of financial disaster if there is an unexpected expense; being able to celebrate special occasions with a fancy restaurant meal; being able to afford to go to people’s weddings or funerals etc)

According to traditional thinking the only way to have (4) and (5) is if I do (3) for a really long time without the flexibility, which means sacrificing (2). In order to do (1) I need (3) but as soon as I have (3) there is no time for (1). But I can easily have (2) if I am willing to give up (3), (5) and probably (4). In a nutshell? I’m a Brat.

But now I know that there are other Brats out there in the world JUST LIKE ME 😀 And instead of being idealistic morons with no grip on reality, it turns out they are normal humans who simply tend to approach money in an intelligent, disciplined manner. And they call it Early Retirement. A MUCH better name 🙂

You don’t know me well yet, dear Reader, but I am intelligent. And I am disciplined. Especially when it comes to Big Picture Stuff (like getting to live the kind of life I want to). So, that is what I am going to try and do. And I’m going to use this blog to document my journey for two reasons:

  • I think/figure out/understand things better when I have to write it down.
  • As some vague kind of accountability – even if you, dear Reader, only exist in my head 🙂 And so hopefully to keep the momentum and discipline going.



New Zealand Road Trip (May 2011)





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